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The Fastest Way to Find a Good Veterinarian

Whether or not you own a dog you have probably heard about all of the perks to pet ownership. You know the ones; dogs are you best friend, they are always happy to see you, they will never judge you, and will remain loyal to their masters until they take their last breaths. But do you really know why dogs are such a popular pet that almost half of all American household owns at least one, and over a quarter owns two or more?

While many species of apes have exhibited superior intelligence, there is a reason that dogs are the most popular pet, and your best chance to see a monkeys are at the zoo or on a safari. Dogs are only animal on the face of the earth that possesses the ideal combination of intelligence, trainability, and gentleness. Since the domestication of the dogs ancient ancestor, the gray wolf, occurred over many centuries, it remains to be seen if any other highly intelligent species of mammal can be domesticated to the degree that dogs have been.

Regardless, the

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