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What You Need to Know When Working With Pottery

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If you have a genuine interest in pottery and are interested in learning more about the art form, such as how to fire your own vessels, it might be beneficial to have a basic overview of its history and of pottery tools and supplies.

As a medium, glazed stoneware came about once pottery kilns capable of handling hotter temperatures. This was a common practice as far back as 15th century B.C. in China. Later in the country’s history, the ceramics supply material known as porcelain was first introduced during the Tang Dynasty, which lasted from the year 618 A.D. until 906.

An individual piece of pottery can be formed through myriad ways, be it casting and injection molding, or more traditional methods such as s

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Read This Before You Eat

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Here’s a nightmare scenario that is even scarier given its likelihood of actually happening: Imagine yourself at the end of a wonderful first date. You wined, you dined, you got along famously. As you lay in bed running through the evening’s events in your head, you start to feel an unsettling rumbling in your stomach. Next thing you know, you’ve been in the bathroom for the past 24 hours attempting to figure out how to use the sink and toilet at the same time. Food handling safety was not on your mind last night, but now it’s at the forefront as you curse the restaurant for not giving their employees proper food handling training. “Why couldn’t they have attended a food handling

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