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Suits Happen If you Find yourself Involved in a Lawsuit, Seek a Knowledgeable and Affordable Lawyer for Help

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Unfortunately, there comes a time in the lives of most people when they need to consider hiring a lawyer. There are a great deal of different types of law, so not every lawyer can help with every situation. Therefore it is best to know what type of situation that you are in, and then seek the best lawyer from there. If you are not sure what type of lawyer you need, you can always to turn to information found online. You can find criminal defense attorney information, details on family law, divorce lawyers or custody lawyers, and even insurance attorneys.

If it comes to a divorce with you and your spouse, do not feel alone. Divorce rates are just under 50 percent in the country, and even Ronald Reagan had gotten a d

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Doctors Express Burien in Burien WA


Doctors Express Burien

15870 1st Ave South

Burien, WA 98148

(206) 242-2501

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Doctors Express is a unique group of walk-In Urgent Care Clinic that devotes itself and its medical teams to respond to the growing need for round-the-clock, immediate healthcare. No appointment or Insurance required. Faster and Cheaper than an Emergency Room!